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Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin…

Trapped in thought…

Sometimes, wanting to get something right can stop you from doing it at all.  I’d been wanting to get out bikepacking on my new Sonder Broken Road as soon as the custom built frame bag arrived from Alpkit, but I’d also promised myself I’d take time to properly fit the bags to the bike, carefully consider how best to pack them and generally thoroughly prepare for my first loaded ride.  I wanted it to be right…

But, in the absence of an imminent bikepacking opportunity I didn’t prioritise finding the time to properly prepare, then when a chance to go bikepacking materialised I didn’t feel ready to go out because I hadn’t done the preparation.  I was trapped by my own thinking.

There’s been a break out!

Just do it.  A well known brand slogan, but also good advice.  I had a trip to North Wales planned for training and work and, on a whim, threw all my camping kit and bike bags in the van and locked the Sonder Broken Road to the rack.  I found myself in a car park in Snowdonia with 90mins of daylight left and an itch to get in the hills – let’s do this!

The bags were strapped to the bike swiftly and without complication.  I had enough experience to quickly decide what I needed, find the best space in the bags and get it stowed.  My only minor concern was that I hadn’t filled all the bags but took that as a good sign that the bike had capacity for more than I needed on one dry overnight trip.

We all like a happy ending…

As I rode into the hills I could feel the tension of the hasty packing session fall away; the bike rode really well when loaded, nothing came loose and fell off, I surely had all I needed and besides, the van would be parked only 45mins away if I needed to bail.  What had I been concerned about?  Why hadn’t I done this earlier?

I had a comfortable night in the hills sandwiched by two fun rides on my loaded bike.  Nothing had been stopping me from doing this except for my own broken thinking, which I will try not to let stop me again…

This wasn’t Live2Flow’s first bikepacking trip; on his trusty old Cannondale (later stolen) he completed trips on the South Downs, Dartmoor and the Trossachs…  There will be more bikepacking blogs in time, I promise.
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