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This blog was originally posted in Dec 2012…

I failed to finish my last event, the Trans-Provence, and returned home with broken ribs. This left my autumn plans in tatters; only 4 weeks after T-P I was due to fly out to Nepal for a 3 week whitewater kayaking trip but the injury forced me to withdraw. Facing so many negative outcomes and unable to use my normal coping strategy of escaping by bike or boat, the post T-P period has been a difficult time. However, you can usually find opportunities lurking in the shadows of set backs and I thought I would look back on the last couple of months and write a few words on how despite having my wings clipped I managed to get my Flow back.

Catch up, plan ahead…

With the body forced to slow down the mind is given time and space to wander and my followers will have probably noticed the results.  Broken ribs are no obstacle to laptop use so the website came to life, blogs finally appeared on the TransRockies, South Downs Way and Trans-Provence and I started to get on top of Live2Flow’s online output.  The break gave me the opportunity to review the year, take stock of where I am and start planning future activities for Live2Flow; 2013 should be another exciting year.  I also finally got to grips with the requirements to achieve BCU UKCC Level 3 Coach status and started to pull together my portfolio work; I always find doing the physical coaching easier than documenting my actions and it was time to catch up!!!  Progress has been made but there is much more to do…

Complimentary activities…

Recording better video footage and pulling together edits is another thing that has been on the ‘To Do’ list for some time and I finally had time to have a go.  I have owned a GoPro HD Hero 2 for a few months but hadn’t used it to anything near its full potential.  But the GoPro alone is not always the answer.  As a keen photographer, my DSLR had seen a lot of use but often its bulk deterred me from heading out with it in the boat or on the bike so I traded it in for a new Sony NEX-7 Compact DSLR, which has all the capability in about half the size.  This has proved to be a great move; I now have a truly versatile set up with the C-DSLR, 2 lenses and a Peli 1150 case to keep it all safe plus the GoPro with a number of mount options.  I am still very amateur and learning all the time but my first edit using the C-DSLR at Cardiff International White Water Centre and the second using the GoPro at Lee Valley. Watch out for more to come!!!

Commit to recovery plan…

Ultimately though, I wanted to get back in action as soon as I could.  I try and have a structure and goals for most things I do and recovery just became another aspect to plan.  I set targets where I hoped to reintroduce activities into my training and set about working towards them.  The rib fracture was quite debilitating but after 20 days I was back riding the road bike on the turbo trainer in the garage.  I have lost count of how many times the turbo trainer has been the difference between not being able to train and a sanity restoring training ride and this was no exception!!  After 30 days I was able to run again and took the road bike outside for a ride without too much difficulty however, a couple of days later I tried an easy flat water kayak but that was too soon and quite uncomfortable.  In the end, I was back on the MTB just over 7 weeks after the accident and back on whitewater before the end of the same week.

Now, it is a full 10 weeks after the accident and I generally no longer notice the injury and am getting back to full strength.  Recovery can be a difficult period and there were undoubtedly times when I was not the best of company, frustrated at my temporary limitations, but every set back is a learning experience.  Not only did I put the time to good use, it also reminded me just how much joy paddling and biking brings into my life.  Bring on 2013 and more Live2Flow action!!!!

Back in the game!  Finally able to paddle whitewater again…
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