British Canoeing Whitewater Award

I’m a whitewater paddler…

So, if you’ve paddled a few rivers, enjoy being part of a group on whitewater and you want a qualification that recognises your competence then the Whitewater Award is perfect. Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves as an intermediate paddler rather than a beginner, who has demonstrated personal competence as a member of a group paddling on grade 2 water.

The Whitewater Award is a British Canoeing course, with a national certification for successful candidates. You can download the syllabus and assessment notes from British Canoeing. Here is the lowdown:

– You should already be competent in your kayak and have completed 10 days of paddling on moving water (this is not a course for beginners).  Use the pre-requisites detailed by British Canoeing as guidance.
– The course will include instruction in kayak handling skills, successful trip planning, group management and safety and rescues.  It does involve candidates performing rolling, some boat exits, swims and rescues.
– We will paddle the rivers of the Brecon Beacons, exact choice depending on client preference and river levels.
– There are a maximum of 5 places available, with a minimum of 3 required for the course to run unless special arrangements are made.
– Cost is £80pp for two days coaching.

Check Facebook or ‘Upcoming Events’ below for dates of the next course and get in touch to book.