British Canoeing 2 Star Training & Assessment

We are starting to see real progress…

The 2 Star Award is for improving paddlers who have skills in both kayak and canoe.  Success at this level recognises a paddler’s understanding of how the paddle, boat and water interact and their ability to control movement of both canoes and kayaks using fundamental skills.

The 2 Star is a British Canoeing course, with a national certification for successful candidates, and is a key pre-requisite for becoming a Level 1 Coach.  You can download the syllabus and assessment notes from British Canoeing.

Here is the lowdown:
– You should already have training in paddling both craft and have logged experience of at least 2 paddling journeys of at least 2 hours in 2 different locations.
– The course will include coaching sessions in both kayak and canoe that will involve candidates performing boat exits and rescues.
– There are a maximum of 8 places on each course.
– L2F usually conducts these courses in association with a club or centre, but can run bespoke training sessions or assessments for small groups on request.

If you are interested please get in touch.