British Canoeing Awards

The motivation for pursuing British Canoeing awards varies from person to person.  For some it is a stepping stone towards becoming a a leader or coach themselves, for others it is simply nice to have some recognition of the hard earned skill level you have achieved.  Regardless of your motivations, Live2Flow can help you reach your goals through well structured British Canoeing training and assessment packages.

If you are new to paddlesport and want a one day introduction to the basics then the British Canoeing Paddle Start, Paddle Discover or Paddle Explore Award may be just what you are looking for.  These can be arranged for anybody wanting to try out the sport in a safe environment and Live2Flow can provide all of the equipment to get you on the water and paddling.

British Canoeing Paddle Start, Discover & Explore Awards

The Foundation, Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) can be provided by Live2Flow but this is generally run in association with an existing club or paddling group as described here.

Live2Flow courses mainly focus on the British Canoeing Discipline Awards where success indicates you are considered an intermediate paddler who is a competent member of a group capable of paddling in a variety of venues in your chosen discipline.  It is also the competency benchmark on which future leadership or coaching awards are built.  At heart a kayak and SUP specialist, Live2Flow currently offers the following options…

British Canoeing Touring Award

British Canoeing Whitewater Kayak Award